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About Senab

We believe in the inherent power of space

Senab offers insightful interior solutions with a range of unique skills

As one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of furnishings for public spaces, specialising in offices, hotels, restaurants and shops, our main goal has always been to strengthen our clients’ brands.

As part of the Edsbyn Senab Group, we represent all the major furniture, design and interior decorating brands in the industry. We also carry out our own production and product design. In addition to our local offices in Sweden and Norway, we are now represented in Asia and North America as well. We know that what happens inside four walls and a ceiling has a fundamental effect on people. There are possibilities that extend far beyond ergonomics, wellbeing and aesthetics. Our goal is to create spaces where the mind can be free.


Three key words that represent our values

Everything we do starts with the people. This means that we always strive to find new solutions to unite thought and productivity. The key words that spur us on to keep thinking in new and improved way are:

  • Heart
  • Commitment
  • Innovation


Four lines of business

– a complete expert partner

Our clients vary in size and can be found across a range of industries. What they all have in common is their ambition to go above and beyond, both as brands and as employers. In order to live up to our role as your expert partner in all situations, we have accumulated a wide range of unique skills. Specialists in everything from analysis and preliminary studies to change management, project management, product knowledge, logistics, financing, assembly, service and follow-up.

At Senab we have organised our skills, resources and proactive employees into four areas:


Long-term profitable investments

Senab was founded in 1975, meaning we have accumulated experience from over 40 years of interior solutions. We have seen trends come and go and we have seen that quality always pays off in the long-run. We have noticed that the organisations who look to the future are also the ones that are the best equipped in the face of the unexpected. Above all we have seen proof that investments that liberate people’s innate potential are what good business is made of. That is why we approach every project with heart and dedication. Together with our clients we create the meeting places of the future.