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Atrium Ljungberg

  • Project leader PETER KLARQVIST, SENAB
  • Photographer: MARTIN KELAM
  • Logistics Team Manager Jesper Sandberg & Jonny Skoog

Atrium Ljungberg is one of Sweden’s largest real estate concerns listed on the stock exchange and are located in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Uppsala. They own, develop and manage properties.
Their primary focus is on retail and offices, but their work also include residential properties and cultural, service and educational facilities. Atrium Ljungberg creates city districts where people want to be today, and tomorrow.

When a preliminary study found that most of the employees worked outside the office, a change was due to optimize the empty workspaces that occurred. The client’s wish was a modern, sustainable workplace with an activity-based approach where the environment would govern the task of the day.

The new office is completely activity-based, which is reflected in both the design and the disposition. Inspiration has been taken from hotels, which often offer welcoming, warm and tranquil environments with a high level of service. It was also important for Atrium Ljungberg that their new office would be durable and sustainable. Therefore, it has been important to choose qualitative materials and furniture that reflects a truly everlasting environment. Carpentry, textiles, furniture and work tools have been produced by selected suppliers with a clear sustainability profile.

In the early stages of the process, Senab advised on the disposal of existing furniture from the former office and worked to refine regulatory materials from the architects so that the desired purchasing budget, quality and material were met.
Through Edsbyn we have tested customized desks and designed personal storage units, desired by the client.
Senab has handled all purchases of furnishings, planned all deliveries and installed furniture in stages as the construction work has been completed.

Our goal is to be at the forefront of our office offer. Therefore, we are very proud to now be able to showcase our own new headquarters. It's a modern workplace that really stimulates collaboration, creativity and efficiency, which are crucial parameters for a business to succeed.

Annica Ånäs, CEO Atrium Ljungberg