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Embark Studio

  • Client Embark Studios
  • Architect Stina Brahme
  • Project leader Mats Flodin
  • Photographer: Jason Strong
  • Logistics Team Manager John Mandin & Josef Östlund


Embark Studios is a newly established game studio in Stockholm, with headquarter in the “South Bankohuset” in the Old Town. The property was built for the Swedish central bank, the world’s first independent state-owned bank in the mid-1670s and has since been a style-forming building for Stockholm.


Södra Bankohuset is a state-owned monument which means that any changes to the property require special permission. For the interior design, this means that nothing can be screwed into the walls and all furniture must be floor standing.
As the company grows rapidly, the interior needed to be easily moved to make room for new employees.


Senab has together with Embark Studios developed a furniture concept for workplaces, meeting rooms, lounges, dining room and decorated three floors as well as parts of the entrance floor. Senab has created a color scheme adapted to the customer’s wishes for a nice, welcoming and comfortable office with decorative lighting and lots of plants.

Further on, Senab has also supplied carpets to all rooms to improve the acoustics and make the generous rooms cozier.

In order to both reduce electricity costs and create a sustainable and environmental friendly solution, Senab found a supplier that could replace the customer’s existing fluorescent light fixtures with a dimmable LED luminaire.