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  • Client Restaurant Frantzén
  • Architect Joyn Studios
  • Project leader Ann-Sofie Magnusson, Senab
  • Photographer: Martin Botvidsson / Stefan vdKG
  • Logistics Team Manager Josef Östlund
During the autumn of 2017, the new Frantzén opened at Klara Norra Kyrkogata in central Stockholm. The restaurant of 500 square meters takes up a whole three floor plan with entrance hall, restaurant and lounge at the top of an old loft with a home feel.

The 19th century house underwent a total renovation of the restaurant’s three floors as well as the terrace. Although the surface is more than five times larger than the previous restaurant, only 23 seats are available in Björn Frantzén’s new luxury restaurant.


The project was a challenge for all parties, partly because of the design of the property, but also because of the tight schedule and innovative vision; to create a new restaurant with stars in the Michelin Guide. To also bring their own touch and ideas to life while still honoring the budget added to the challenge.


Senab’s assignment came from the interior designers at Joyn Studios and, in this case as furniture supplier. This means that we have delivered loose furnishings according to the given concept, always through close cooperation with the client.

I don't know of any other restaurant venue in the world that is similar to what we created.

Björn Frantzén