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Goodbye Kansas

  • Client Goodbye Kansas
  • Architect Katya Högberg, Tengbom
  • Project leader Jeanette Brohäll, Jenny Johansson, Sara Franck, Amelie Grönholm & Mats Flodin & , Senab
  • Photographer: Jason Strong
  • Logistics Team Manager Jesper Sandberg, Senab

During 2017, Skanska began building what is today known as ”the Copper house” in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm. But it was not until July 22nd 2019 that the property owner Fabege handed over the 5000 sqm building to their tenant Goodbye Kansas.

Goodbye Kansas Studios creates visuall effects (VFX) such as digital animations and motion capture for movies, TV-shows, game trailers and commericals. Several of these have won awards.
Since the company works with many international high-profile productions, a major focus has been on security, and the company is TNP-classified, which is the security class that companies such as Netflix and Disney require.

The collaboration between Senab and Goodbye Kansas began in March 2018, when Project Manager Jeanette Brohäll and Goodbye Kansas began planning all parts of the project.

Goodbye Kansas describes themselves as a “large start-up.” The company has experienced strong growth in recent years and has gone from 18 to 250 employees and one to four countries in five years. The company continues to grow and one of the challenges was to simultaneously handle a large change management project.

The client’s ambition was for the artists to have a lot of influence in the project, but at the same time not to share too much information with them in order to surprise all employees on move in day. The solution was to choose two employees that were responsible for collecting all the staff’s wishes and visualise the new concept and furnishings together with Tengbom architects & Senab.

Another challenge with the project was to coordinate all aspects concerning furniture with the architectural drawings and client’s wishes in order to find cost-effective solutions that fulfilled the customer’s wishes and vision.

During the project, Goodbye Kansas chose to only use two external consultant parties: Senab and IT-consultant Joachim Carlsson. Senab was the project manager from the start and has delivered all loose and fixed furnishings and assembled via Senab’s own logistics department.

Senab has also designat custom-made furniture such as rugs, the majority of furnishings on floor 5 where the bistro and meeting area are located and created a cinema from the ground up, where customers ready-made trailers, etc. are shown.

Today, Goodbye Kansas basically only has spectacular environments with custom-built studio booths, a black-sprayed display wall made of old TV sets and stereos, as well as a conference room with space and interior design that resembles science fiction films.

-There has been a lot of goods but with the help of logistics manager Jesper Sandberg and project coordinator Sara Franck, deliveries have exceeded expectations and we have always had a flow of furniture in and up in the house,” says Jenny Johansson, sales at Senab.
Throughout the project, Senab has supported the customer in finding smart solutions to match budget, and gained the confidence to help find alternative products.

In the house that was custom-built by Fabege we also find one of the world’s most modern Motion Capture studios as well as an advanced 3D Face & Body scanner used when working with “digital humans”. In the Motion Capture studio, Ogeborg has produced a specially designed mat that has been adapted to the client. The studio is the only one in Europe that that has the same technology as James Cameron’s Avatar films and here both production companies and many of the major gaming companies are queuing up to record advanced Performance Capture for their games and film or TV productions. The studio is also equipped with audio recording and adapted for advanced wire-stunts.
The entire studio section can be shut off from the rest of the house during extra secret productions or when world stars who don’t want to be seen are visiting.

Project Manager: Jeanette Brohäll
Furnishings: Jenny Johansson
Custom-made furnishings: Amelie Grönholm & Mats Flodin
Project coordinator: Sara Franck
Logistics: Jesper Sandberg

Senab has been fantastic to deal with! We have had great confidence in Senab throughout the whole project, from project management to assembly of furniture.
If I had to do this project with Senab again, I would have done nothing differently.

Peter Levin, Group CEO & co-founder Goodbye Kansas