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House of Sport

  • Client The Swedish Sports Confederation
  • Architect Lotta Löfgren – Ljusrum
  • Project leader Per Elvin – Nomad Projekt, Mats Flodin – Senab
  • Photographer: Jason Strong
  • Logistics Team Manager

The bulk of the Swedish sporting world has finally come together in a shared office building – Idrottens hus (House of Sport). The result is a more open climate and increased accessibility. Idrottens hus is situated at Skanstull in Stockholm. Over three floors, the offices for the Swedish Sports Confederation, the SISU Idrottsutbildarna organisation and 31 different specialist sports federations (out of a total of 71 in the country) share about 5,500 square metres.


Everything has been created with the idea that sport, desire and joy should be reflected through colour, form, material and pattern. The areas closest to the reception should encourage and enable spontaneous meetings, the ambition is to ensure that the 350 or so people who work in Idrottens hus “meet and exchange sporting ideals”. The shared arena consequently has meeting rooms and various sized areas.

The architects have endeavoured to achieve a sporty look in most respects. The bright colours are important in bringing out the pleasurable sense of fitness. The architects also wanted to create a playfulness which fits well, partly with what sport is about, partly with the values of the sports movement with concepts such as joy and fellowship, play, democracy and participation, as well as everybody’s right to be included.


Senab’s role in the extensive project was as interior design contractor, the project management company Nomad was principal. The collaboration, together with the architects, went very well in all respects
– interior design, specialist joinery, curtains, carpets and lighting. The limited number of strong contractors
contributed to everything running so smoothly, one of many examples was the 350 or so workplaces which Edsbyn supplied tailor-made for the client.

Many of the employees were highly involved in the process. A range of workshops were held during the course of the project, where the respective federations’ requirements were specified and chairs were
thoroughly tested. The major challenge in the move was to ensure that everybody was positive
about it and that the workshops then functioned as an educational and much appreciated tool.

The Swedish Sports Confederation has achieved their objectives of creating greater accessibility and a more open climate. The sport, and the desire to exercise, is now reflected in the interiors. It has also shown that architecture and interior design can help an organisation to achieve its visions, beyond giving
the office a unique form.

"Everything has been created with the idea that sport, desire and joy should be reflected through colour, form, material and pattern".
- Lotta Löfgren, Architect

Lotta Löfgren, architect Ljusrum