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  • Client Kraftringen
  • Architect Lotta Landen, Landén + Krantz architects
  • Project leader Bosse Weberg
  • Photographer: Åke E: son Lindman
  • Logistics Team Manager Senab logisitcs

At Kraftringen’s headquarters in Lund, Sweden about 300 people work in three different companies and approx. 20 different departments. Although the building was erected as late as 2008, it was not adapted to today’s working methods.

Today, Kraftringen is not just an energy company, the sale of services in the market is taking an ever-increasing place. With the new era, and its challenges facing the energy industry, it was vital for the company to evolve.

To be able to attract future employees, Kraftringen is working to prove that it is a company that prioritizes collaboration and cooperation in a positive work environment.

The design of the office was based on cell offices, which meant that Kraftringen got a pipeline between people and departments. Information was lost, departments became isolated, and as a result the employees experienced exclusion.

At the same time, the cell offices meant that Kraftringen had a building that was perceived to be ineffective from a surface perspective. This meant that of a total of 300 people, 70 had to work in a temporary building next to the main building.

In the project plan, there were three efficiency goals;

  • Collaboration / solidarity / cooperation
  • Work environment
  • An energy-efficient building

Pre-studies were conducted which showed that employees spent only 35% of their working time at their workplaces and the remaining time the offices were empty. Then, in September 2015, Kraftringen’s management team decided to introduce an activity-based approach to Kraftringen. To be able to run an ABW office, the customer needed to do everything from the beginning.

In order to achieve the three impact goals, people were put at the center, the change would not be a rebuilding project, but instead would be based on the employees of Kraftringen.

The result was a modern office with room for more collaboration and better flow between people in a whole new way of working.

Senab has delivered loose furniture based on Kraftringen’s specific requirements and thus contributes to the new positive working environment.

In order to have a positive working environment, in the new way of working, the interior was a vital thing. Senab was one of our most important players in delivering the right interior design based on our specific requirements. Of course, the right interior design contributes to Kraftringen getting a greater obsessive value as an attractive employer. In November 2019, we have been working according to the new working method for almost a year with a result that has exceeded our expectations.

Hans Segerfeldt, Project Manager Kraftringen