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Mornington Hotel

  • Client Mornington Hotel
  • Architect Malin Palm
  • Project leader Mats Flodin, Senab
  • Photographer: Jason Strong
  • Logistics Team Manager John Mandin & Josef Östlund

Since the opening of the Mornington Hotel in 1973, its owners have been the same family. The hotel is located in central Stockholm and is characterized by a warm and friendly atmosphere where humanism and culture prevail and where craftsmanship, form and architecture are important.

The long-standing and prestigious relationship between the owner Mårten Persson, architect Malin Palm and Senab’s customer manager Mats Flodin have resulted in several different change projects in the hotel over the years. The process of change was facilitated by the fact that they have known each other for a long time, and that they share a view of quality and long-term focus on investment, interior design and business relations.

The background to the latest change in the lobby lies in digitization – something that has changed customer behavior. When guests arrive at the hotel, they have already checked in online. There is no need for a bulky reception anymore, instead, the meeting with the guests focuses on something else. The purpose of this project was to create an innovative image for this new way of interacting with hotel guests.

The project was based on the new buzzword circular which is all about not throwing things out without first not attempting to reuse them in a new way or in a new context. The challenge is to create an inviting and human environment, where no hotel guest may feel misplaced or uncomfortable. A timeless environment that works every day for many years.

The solution is based on the idea of a long-term investment, this is one of the foundations to sustainable circular thinking. In the lobby, high-quality vintage items are mixed with new furnishings in a homey atmosphere. Here you will find classic furniture from different eras and decorative objects with a long history.

Senab has a long experience of specialized constructions with care for detail and quality. In this project, Senab stands for the manufacturing and renovation of permanent furnishings. Loose furnishings, such as the seating furniture, does sometime need to be refurbished, something that is also provided by Senab.

Our role as interior contractor is to be the link between clients, architects and producers. We try to detect the problems before they arise and are used to making good solutions within the given financial framework.


When working with quality, you never have to throw things, maybe sell something sometimes. But usually we refurbish and put things in a new context. Then they become like new.

Mårten Persson, owner Mornington Hotel