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Nobis Hotel Copenhagen

  • Client Nobis Hospitality Group
  • Architect Wingårdhs
  • Project leader Mats Flodin & Ann-Sofie Magnusson, Senab
  • Photographer: Soren Kristensen
  • Logistics Team Manager

Copenhagen has gotten a new contemporary luxury hotel – Nobis Hotel Copenhagen! In a historic building from 1903 Wingårdh’s architects have created the elegant, timeless decor with precision in every detail.

A large part of the interior is specially designed based on the customer’s ambition for a warm and genuine hotel environment. Senab has been working closely with the Nobis Group and Wingårdh’s specially designed interior design for the 77 hotel rooms, such as steel beds, wardrobes, pallets, benches and desk of wood and natural leather, as well as dressers and mirrors for bathrooms. In the restaurant there are tables and barges specially designed for Nobis.

At the reception, as guests enter, they will first see a concrete counter, this serves as a reminder that the house was the first one to be built in this type of material. The art has been removed from the walls and is instead presented in the woolen mats.

Senab has also delivered loose furnishings to the project; furniture for hotel rooms and suites, restaurant, lobby and conference. Here you can find playful elements on both furniture and and the way color is used.

This is our personal definition of luxury. As a business traveler, I want to stay in a hotel that is elegant, comfortable, accommodating and efficient, but I do not need all the unnecessary abundance and the artistic service that is still often associated with luxury in the traditional sense.

Alessandro Catenacci, founder, owner and CEO for Nobis Hospitality Group