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  • Client Roche
  • Architect Strategisk Arkitektur med Karin Gedda och Jacob Granat
  • Project leader Veronica Waerner, Senab
  • Photographer: Jason Strong
  • Logistics Team Manager Alexander Carter, Srdjan Marjanovic & Jesper Sandberg

Roche is the world’s third largest pharmaceutical company with over 90,000 employees in 150 countries. The change was made with a pronounced purpose for the organization to become more digital and paper-free. As the company deals with many patent and classified documents, it was considered to be safer.

All three Swedish Roche enterprises  housed at two different addresses in Stockholm, would move to one building. The biggest change was not the geographical move, but that more then 200 employees would start working in an activity-based office.
Most employees were positive regarding the change, but there were also those who felt worried. The concerns were taken seriously and the change was facilitated by begin planning the move two years in advance and starting the preparations for the new work method 1.5 years in advance.

The change journey was based on the employees’ need for a pleasant and harmonious working environment. It started by informing all employees about what an activity-based approach means. This was done in the form of inspirational lectures and study visits to make themselves more familiar with the new way of working. Employee surveys were carried out simultaneously as an analysis of the workplace occupancy took place.
With the help of the architect, a zone division was made of the new office landscape for low, medium and high-focus work, which indicates how quiet it would be in the surroundings.

Because sustainability was a high priority for Roche, it was something included in all aspects on the project. Senab supported Roche throughout the change journey. We became their knowledge partners and product specialists by helping the client to find the most price worthy products. We analysed the market in order to offer the customer the best possible price all in consultation with the architect. In order to stay on the clients budget.
We were a partner throughout the project and Senab both delivered and assembled the furniture. Now we are responsible for the post market at Roche.

Everyone appreciates the calm environment. Strategic Architecture and Senab have accomplished wonders. It fits our business and our brand.

Elin Holmgren