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Senab Stockholm

  • Client Senab
  • Architect
  • Project leader Senab
  • Photographer: Jason Strong
  • Logistics Team Manager Malin Grönvall & Alexander Carter


Senab has throughout the years assisted a variety of companies to change workplacestrategy in conjunction with a physical change of the workspace. Everything we do start with people. Through insight and understanding we attempt to create an understanding of the dynamics between productivity, identity, attraction force and well being of a business.

Now it was Senabs turn to go through a transformation and renovate our own headquarters in the heart of Stockholm. The result where to give the premises a whole new layout and interior design to better allow Senab to guide our clients.

The project began at the end of 2016 and was finished in October 2018. All the various steps of the change process have been present – from the pilot study to dividing the office space in different zones adapted to various types of work. Further on, workshops around technology support, leadership in change management, insight in how to work in the various zones, and the common agreement to create a pleasant and sustainable work place.


The challenge with the project was the tight deadline of only four months for the constructions where a lot of point of views and results from the pilot study had to be included. During the contruction, Senab’s employees had no office. Instead they worked from alternative places such as some suppliers offices, worked from home and or enjoyed experiencing other co-working spaces in the city.

The goal with the new office was to create the meeting place of the future where one can collect inspiration and experience Senabs wide offer.


Pilot Study & Change Management: Tomas Götesson, Sanna Helgesson, Johan Selberg & Mette Bungerfedt
Construction Project Management: Jeanette Brohäll
Furnishings: Lisa Sandvik & Nicole Nörgaard

The creation of Senab’s new meeting place for big ideas began with a deep pilot study. The employees have been included in the process on an ongoing bias to take advantage of our internal knowledge and experience.

The result is an activitybased working office adapted to Senab’s business and workstrategy.

The new space functions as a meeting place, a traditional office and showroom. The premises are devided into different acticity zones – a mixture of fixed workplaces and operation zones. There are both larger and smaller quiet zones for work that requires high concentration, creative zones created for collaboration, small phone booths, as well as many placed designated for meetings and larger presentations and individual workplaces. And above all spaces for spontaneous meetings.

Just like in most activitybased offices, employees have personal storage in a lockable cabinet and a bag where they can carry the material they need for the day. Some of the various meeting rooms are bookable, others can be used at any time.

Next to the entrance with display windows facing the well-visited Regeringsgatan there is an area where the various suppliers – one at a time – have the opportunity to display products for a limited period.

We want to set a good example and create a really good workplace. Therefore, we have included our employees continuously in the process and benefited from our knowledge and experience of what works well and not in offices today.

Jeanette Brohäll, Senabs byggprojektledare