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  • Client Unit4
  • Architect Charlotta Holmgren - Strategisk Arkitektur
  • Project leader Peter Edholm - Unit4, Alessia Chiappini-Flodén & Hans Jönsson - JLL
  • Photographer: Jason Strong
  • Logistics Team Manager

Unit4, the leading ERP software provider, originally moved into the Solna office house 15 years ago, to 4800 square feet spread over five floors. Over the years, the office space has grown as the number of employees has increased. As large as 6800 square meters on eight floors. But now they are back to the original site, even though they have become significantly more employees. Today there are over 300 people working here, yet the office is never fully occupied. Before the change, the office was often perceived as desolate, as there were only five people in a large room with 50 workplaces.


Unit4 needed to create a new Swedish headquarter that suited the business better. A workplace that facilitates contacts between employees and stimulates creativity.

Inför förändringen fick inredningsarkitekten Charlotta Holmgren på Strategisk Arkitektur, projektledningsföretaget JLL och Senab tre ledord av Unit4 – uppkopplad, avkopplad och sammankopplad.

For this project, interior designer Charlotta Holmgren on Strategic Architecture, project management company JLL and Senab received three leadwords of Unit4 – connected, relaxed and interconnected.


Senab was given the task of developing furnishings for all workplaces plus lounges, meeting rooms, training facilities and dining rooms in a procurement. According to the customer, Senab’s complete offer and reputable reliability made us the obvious choice for this project.

Senab ensured that the architect’s choice of products matched the level demanded by the customer regarding price, function and quality. Senab also assisted the JLL project management company with ongoing reporting regarding budget and timetable.

At Unit4’s new headquarters, the three keywords connected, relaxed and interconnected have become a reality. Here the interior breathes modern flexible knowledge company.

The new office is activity-based. Most people, except some “resident” features, have flexible workplaces in an open landscapes. The meeting rooms have also changed and become more, in particular, there are more small meeting rooms.

The result exceeded the employees’ high expectations. Often, spontaneous positive comments about the interior are made amongst the employees, and that’s a good feedback! In Unit4’s industry there is competition for the best skills and the company obviously wants employees to enjoy and stay at the company.

We are pleased that our new office meets our vision and is consistent with our brand as a modern and flexible knowledge company. And most importantly, employees now have created a creative environment that facilitates cooperation!

Peter Edholm, project manager Unit4