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Volvo Shanghai

  • Client Volvo Cars
  • Architect Vanessa D'Hooge
  • Project leader Eileen Yu
  • Photographer: Fengang Lu´& Volvo
  • Logistics Team Manager Stanley Luo & Mary Yang


Volvo Cars global change management program towards acticitybased working started in Gothenburg in 2013 and reached in 2018 the sales office in Shanghai where 400 employees work. The office is located in central Shanghai close to The Bud, with a view of the Huangpu river.


The working environment should be pleasant for the employees simultaneously as it facilitates the work and cooperation. The largest challenge of the project was to implement a new workstrategy of activitybased working that in Asia is still very unusual. To prepare the employees for the change, the purpose was explained and how the concept is structured.


In the Volvo Shanghai office the change started with a small pilot where a smaller part of the office began the change journey to activitybased working. 50 employees started working with the new concept, among others the IT department, communications department and parts of the management team for Asia.

The test was divided amongst these departments to make sure the technology was working, to give the communications department a concrete understanding of the concept that they could spread amongs the other co-workers, and the management team to gain good insight, understanding and be able to make decisions around the new concept. Other employees also got an insight into how the concept worked in practice.

Senab found, and sometimes trained Chinese suppliers that could live up to Volvo’s requirements, both in terms of price and delivery. Edsbyn has also delivered some furniture and fixtures for the office.

The new office supports interdisciplinary cooperation, creativity and learning. There are many places for socializing of different kinds, such as meeting rooms and lounges, but also private small rooms or sensitive phone calls. Today, the office receives many study visits from other companies.

We absolutely didn't want to bargain on the quality, it would run counter to the Volvo Cars brand. Here Senab did a fantastic job ... Senab has great experience with this type of projects and has been able to provide us with professional suggestions.

Christina Hansén