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Volvo Studio Milano

  • Client Volvo Cars
  • Architect Tham & Videgård Arkitekter
  • Project leader Christian Hiller
  • Photographer: Anders Modig
  • Logistics Team Manager


The buying process of cars has changed with the digitalization, which has led to an increase in the car industry’s interest in showing itself centrally in the big cities. Today’s car buyers do not start by driving around to different car showrooms in the outer areas, but instead do research online. Only when you have usually already decided on which car and model you want, you visit a dealer.


The challenge of the changed buying process has resulted in Volvo Cars’ new concept of “Volvo Studio”. This will be an opportunity for Volvo to meet their customers where they live and move. Volvo Studio will serve as urban meeting places with café and bar, where passersby can stop by for sipping a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and at the same time experience the feeling and values that Volvo stands for.

In addition, Volvo will be able to present the progress they make, for example in electrification as well as acting as a venue for events.

The environment is linked to the Swedish heritage and everything it represents in the form of authenticity in terms of material and care of details. It’s based on Swedish nature: sea, mountain and forest.


The result is a concept that is based on three main elements: a concrete floor reminiscent of Swedish gray granite, a rolling wooden wall, which brings the idea to Swedish forest, and a luminous ceiling, which is reminiscent of the sky and the Nordic light.

The ceiling consists of a giant LED screen, where the subject can vary. It can be a blue sky with clouds, an evening redness and so on.

There are many custom made components: the rolling laminated walls of ash veneer, the bar counters, the display cabinets, the display tables etc. SENAB developed and provided prototypes for the most parts of the interior and subsequently managed procurement, delivery and assembly.

In Volvo Studio other types of design products are sold as well. These match Volvo’s own quality and help strengthen the brand. It can be anything from handbags to drinking glasses.

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