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  • Client Zenuity
  • Architect Wingårdhs
  • Project leader Hampus Ahlqvist - Zenuity, Lina Lorentzson - Senab
  • Photographer: Anders Bergstedt
  • Logistics Team Manager

In June 2017, hundreds of employees moved into Zenuity’s headquarters, located in Gothenburg’s IT cluster Lindholmen. Here, Zenuity is renting a whole house with eight floors where the business can grow. The house was nearly complete but the interior could still be adapted to the needs of the customer. Behind the interior are Wingårdh’s architects and Senab, in collaboration with Zenuity’s project manager Hampus Ahlqvist.

Senab’s mission began with the implementation of a preliminary study, a study the architect used as base for his work. All employees in Detroit, Munich and Gothenburg were able to answer questions via a web link. The purpose was to engage the employees to find out what they needed to execute their job. Then Senab made an overall zone division as a basis for the architect and customer to work on. When the architect finished his work, Senab furnished the interior according to the architect and Zenuity’s vision.

In terms of design, the architect was given four words: robust, graphic, innovative and surprising.


The main challenge has been to customize the interior of Zenuity’s agile way of working. Working agile is becoming more common, especially in high tech and other knowledge-intensive companies which have a strict focus on development. The workspace was divided amongst self-governing teams who all were assigned a specific working area. The employees sit in an open landscape, but always together with their team when one is involved in a specific project. It’s not until you change team that you also change place. Each of the teams has its own area with whiteboard, post it-pieces, TV screen, sofa and more. Every workstation is equipped with two screens and all the employees have laptops.

At Zenuity, there is almost a workplace per employee, so it is not a “lean office”, they have a high attendance rate. Therefore, good function and good ergonomics have been a requirement for the interior. In the premises there are plenty of meeting rooms with space for four people – basically one for each team – and a large aula where up to 80 people can gather, several kitchens, a “chambre separée” for smaller gatherings in connection with meals and a shower room.


Zenuity has created an office completely in symbiosis with the business, the interior is stripped, technology-oriented and forward-thinking. It is strongly linked to the Zenuity brand and is characterized by a high tech feel. Among other things, many technically innovative materials have been used.

The four words: robust, graphic, innovative and surprising, are found through out the entire interior. It is in a black and white color scale that feels robust and graphical, but it has been lightened up with some color here and there making it a bit spiky and unexpected. The premises have a dark core, where kitchens, meeting rooms and communication areas are located. But on the outside walls and the windows, where the workplaces are located, it becomes lighter and crispier. And, above all, the interior is adapted to the customer’s agile way of working.


The furnishings have a good balance between technology, function and excitement. And then we have had a good and fun cooperation throughout the process.

Hampus Ahlqvist, project manager Zenuity