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Hotels & restaurants

Comprehensive solutions for hotels and restaurants

Interior solutions that create a place for inspiring meetings and space for big ideas

With our comprehensive solutions for hotel and restaurant interiors, we create sustainable and inspiring meeting places. We will be there to help you establish schedules, choose materials, and purchase and procure fixed and loose furnishings. We carry out project management through to completion and follow-up.

To provide meeting places and offer opportunities. To be successful in the hotel and restaurant sector is to see its full potential. At Senab we offer comprehensive solutions for insightful clients within hospitality.

Our foremost priority is to realise your vision and strengthen your brand in the market. We work in close collaboration with architects to create spaces that inspire and stimulate. Our work is not just about selecting the right interiors from a design. It is also about long-term quality and ensuring that everything will work just as it should in its intended environment. We are your knowledgable partner with over 40 years of experience in interior solutions. This means we have unique product knowledge to skillfully design quality sustainable solutions to suit you, and which will continue to work for years to come.


Right product, right price, right time

Based on the scope of the project, we put together teams of project managers, project coordinators, construction leaders, planners and fitters. We are with our clients every step of the way. We represent all leading manufacturers and designers in the industry, and we also have our own manufacturing and product development as well as resources to tailor furniture to your specific needs. This enables us to focus on finding the optimal solution to achieve your vision while delivering the right product at the right price at the right time.


Explore the future with us

Every new project is a new challenge and we are driven by the understanding that the best ideas are born when we push the limits and challenge ourselves to think in new directions. We have our sights set on being at the forefront of the industry to make the meeting places of tomorrow. Our employees at Senab have expertise and even personal experience in the hospitality industry. We are dedicated to the development of the industry and are constantly looking for new trends. We believe that exciting processes spark dialogues with other commited people who share our passion. How do you see the future of hospitality? Let’s have a meeting about the meetings of tomorrow…

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