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Interior design & product selection


The design process is realized through smart product choices

At Senab, we believe in creating spaces that liberate the mind, where people can reach their full potential and where expectations can be exceeded. By skillfully navigating trends, we want to create sustainable environments to be inspired by, where the concern for the human being is at the center. We are driven by the notion that big ideas are born when there is room for creativity, when we challenge ourselves to think in new paths and when we test new boundaries.

We offer interior design experts to help you design your interior solution and layout in CAD drawing, as 2D & 3D animation.

Interior design & product selection

Today, the supply on the market is large with most manufacturers all over the world. There are many designers who at a first glance seem to produce similar products and in many cases the manufacturers have the same idea with the type furniture they make, which means that there are in principle always alternatives to evaluate. It may also be that in the process of smart product choices, completely new alternatives will emerge that better support the function, that is intended to be achieved with the proposed choice from the beginning and in some cases even at a more advantageous price.

In projects together with us at Senab, it is your vision and its design process that is the red thread throughout the interior design solution. The goal is to realize the vision of this through the right product choice. Together with clients and architects, we are knowledge partners who contribute with expertise in product choices regarding price, materials, durability, logistics and adaptations to meet your expectations and needs in the best way possible.

We are a knowledge partner with over 40 years of experience in interior solutions. This has given us a unique product knowledge, which means that with competence and quality we can design sustainable solutions that are right for you today and that will work in the future.