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Project Management


Experienced and creative management, coordination, monitoring and implementation

Senab is your complete knowledge partner for interior design. Project management is the service that specifically represents this. Always staffed with exactly the skills and experiences that best suit your project. It is this person or team who pilot the project from the first preliminary study to inspection and follow-up.


Security but also catalyst

Through careful analysis at the beginning of the project, the entire process will be a springboard to develop your business. At Senab we are used to working across occupational borders, industry borders and national borders. The project leaders’ unique overall view enables cross-fertilization and can identify catalysts more quickly. Senab’s service Project management works in many ways as an incubator.


The whole process, step by step

1. Preliminary study

  • Specifications of requirements
  • Search for new premises-strategy for premises-report on premises
  • Analysis and technical investigations of premises and buildings
  • Contract negotiations
  • Planning permission
  • Overall budget planning

2. Project program

  • Room descriptions and room programs
  • Architect floor plans in CAD
  • Project and timetables
  • Coordination of submission notice
  • Defined project budget
  • Lighting plans
  • Base for manufacturing of specialty carpentry
  • Furniture floor plans
  • Construction descriptions

3. Production

  • Procurement of all subcontractors
  • Offer cultivation
  • Order of interior with delivery controls
  • Support and management at building meetings
  • Building and work environment coordination BAS-P / U according to AML
  • Responsibility for timetable and budget control

4. Drift

  • Coordination of all deliveries
  • Detailed planning of logistics during relocation
  • Inspections
  • Provisioning of previous premises according to contract

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