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Workplace strategies

To analyse what you really need

We put people in the centre of the journey of change

We help you to choose and implement the right approach in creating an environment where both your organisation and your employees can grow. Through clear expectations and agreements, with trust and confidence, we create an efficient process. Change management is our speciality.

Everything we do starts with people. We constantly search for the right balance and dynamic between productivity and innovation, identity and attractiveness, comfort and defiance. It is through our insight and understanding of individuals and organisations that we are able to create environments that successfully support skill sharing and synergy.

We act as your knowledgable partner throughout the entire process, meaning that we are committed to you through any challenge. We are there with you from the initial mapping out and preliminary studies of your current environment, on to local programs and rental negotiations, through to the monitoring and processing of your new workplace. We will encourage you to think in new ways and see new possibilities. We always focus on the employees who currently work in the office and involve them from the beginning.


Goals and visions

Before we begin a preliminary study we always ask one question – why? What is the goal of change, what are the benefits for the organisation and what are the benefits for the employees? Then we can begin mapping out the current situation. What is the occupancy rate for different workplaces and meeting places? We offer the tools to measure and provide insight into your current setup.


Strategies for people, place, IT and service

By involving your employees in the project, we create a participatory process right from the beginning and through to final implementation. The preliminary study reveals to us the kind of physical environment that supports your vision and organisation in the best way possible. It also allows us to identify the type of IT environment and services that will best support you.

Designing workplaces is a process, not a single project

As specialists in change management we don’t leave your organisation just because everything is delivered, installed and everyone knows how to work in the new environment. That is when our focus shifts to monitoring, development and improvement. Through workshops we make sure we optimise your investment and ensure that all employees are playing a part in the dynamic process that forms your workplace today, tomorrow and for years to come.

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