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Mission: Sustainability


Senab is increasing its efforts relating to sustainability. Cristian ­Dahlén has been sustainability manager since the end of 2017. “I am passionate about the circular economy,” he says.

Senab Reflection Cristian Dahlén foto av Laura Wall
Cristian Dahlén

Cristian Dahlén first joined Senab as a Key Account Manager in 2010, and since then has served as business area manager for both district North and Stockholm before becoming Senab’s first sustainability manager.

His task is to advance the sustainability aspect of Senab’s business and to promote the visibil­ity of sustainability efforts among both customers and employees.
“We have noticed a change in attitude among our customers. For a long time if you looked at a list of competitive factors, price would be right up there, but now it’s quality and sustainability.”

Quality and sustainability go hand in hand and are essential elem­ents of the circular economy, in his opinion:
“A quality item of furniture has a long life and thus represents reduced environmental impact. In connection with interior design assignments we are often asked what we can do with the existing furnishings. First, we try to reuse furniture, perhaps reupholster or refurbish it, give it a new life in a new location. Second, we sell it to customers, and, third, we donate it. Taking it to the tip is a last resort, but if that happens we ensure that it is dealt with sustainably.”

Another major project is to audit all the company’s suppliers based on a sustainability perspective.
“That includes our suppliers’ subcontractors. This audit gives us insight and the tools to influence the industry to move forward in the right direction.”

BETTER BALANCE. As a group with over 250 employees and more than SEK 350 million in net sales, Edsbyn Senab publishes an annual sustainability report.
“Like Edsbyn, we have historic­ally been good at the environmental aspect of sustainability. Now we need to boost the social and economic aspects,” explains Cristian.

In a fairly short space of time Senab’s management team has achieved a better gender balance, as a result of conscious efforts by the management.
“We are now a team of five men and four women. In order to be a better employer, we also need to focus on leadership. Educating all managers in leadership is a necess­ity and an essential element in making us a more sustainable employer.”

One way to strengthen the economic aspect is to make better use of the company’s premises. Senab is therefore investing in coworking. Smaller companies, e.g. start-ups, are being offered the opportun­ity to share Senab’s premises.
“This also yields increased inter­action between businesses, which creates better means for people and companies to grow.” n

Text Tove Gyllenstierna
Photo Laura Wall

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